Our Rates

View our full range of rates for all our plans & their tiers. We also have included our prices for website development as a stand-alone product, as well as included as part of a naked hosting plan. We also have partners with garmedia Design Agency giving you access to Marketing and Graphic Design ate reduced rates.

Naked Hosting

Hostbusters gives you the space and access to your own Cpanel and you can upload and customize your own WordPress website. Just Signup for the package that you want and we will have your login details available for you to access your own cPanel within minutes. Because keeping it simple is important to use we offer NO CONTRACTS – NO HIDDEN FEES!


$7.50 NZD/month


$15 NZD/month


$25 NZD/month

All Naked Hosting customers receive access to our Bronze Level Rates for any freelance work.

Website + Hosting

Perfect for small businesses looking to update or get their company online and spread the upfront costs of building your website over 12/24/36 months. We also include updating your website every week/month (depending on your plan) to keep your website fresh and current with whats going on and relevant for your business and market.


Our base package. We feel most smaller businesses just need a website, that tells the customer about them, and has a small amount of information to update regularly.

Our business package allows you to spread the cost of your website over 12/24/36 months, while still getting access to monthly updates to help keep your website fresh and current.

36 months


24 months


12 months


Business Plus

Our Business Plus package gives you everything the base package gives you except the gives you 4 times the amount of available freelance hours to be able to be spread across our services.

You could choose to keep your website updated weekly if needed or combine some of the available hours to run a online marketing campaign.

36 months


24 months


12 months



Our eCommerce package gives you everything the Business Plus package gives you except the gives you even more available freelance hours to be able to be spread across our services.

You will get weekly updates to your website and products as well as additional hours to run marketing campaigns and additional services to support your online store.

36 months


24 months


12 months


Freelance Rates

All Hostbusters customers get access to our special discounted rates with savings of up to 60%. Talk to us about how we can fit into your business and add online & marketing support to your portfolio.


$85 NZD


$55 NZD

(35% Discount)


$45 NZD

(50% Discount)


$35 NZD

(60% Discount)

Website Development Rates

Just need a website developed? Here are our rates for developing our common base websites. Want to add in Skinny Hosting? get 20% OFF these prices. Just contact us to discuss your needs.



Business Plus




WordPress Tutor Rates

We are also available to help you understand WordPress a little better. We can provide you with one on one support to navigate adding and updating a page or a post on your WordPress website. We also offer a complete tutorial service from Installing to building and updating your website so you can learn every aspect of controlling your own website.

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