Our Hostbusters Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) has the answer to most commonly asked questions, but if you don’t find the answers your looking for here please don’t hesitate to contact us on any one of our support channels.


Is the data center completely owned by you or do you co-locate?

We have partnered with NZ Largest data centers to bring you affordable website & hosting packages based right here in Aotearoa. Gain superior performance with our locally hosted solutions. We own our own redundancy and backup servers to ensure we always can control any situation that might arise.

Where does your name come from

At Hostbusters, we don’t see ourselves as Web Host Sellers or re-sellers. We believe in a providing an all in one service for Hosting + Website + Marketing. We are here to disrupt the status quo and offer services far beyond your typical hosting provider. Larger Scale business and Companies will have whole departments dedicated to Web Development, even some with dedicated teams for Marketing, Web, Social Media, print & Radio advertising! I know I used to manage those teams 🙂

Instead of just reselling the Hosting Space and collect a cheque – I feel there is a opportunity to “Bust” a hole in the “Host” market and provide additional services that I have 20 plus years experience in delivering. Hostbusters will be your Web Host, Your Graphic Designer, Your Web Developer, Your Social Media Manager, Your Marketing Manager on retainer when ever you need them.

Where are you located?

We are located in Auckland, New Zealand, just north and up a bit from Middle Earth! Visit our contact page for a google maps link to our location.

What is the policy on ``SPAM`` and ``unsolicited emails``?

We fully comply with and support the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007. This prohibits the sending of spam. We will remove any account found to be in breach of this Act.


What the Difference between Website + Hosting vs Naked Hosting

With our Website + Hosting options Not only will we take the cost of building a website (visit our rates page for more information) but we include in your plan a more active approach to web hosting. We spreed the cost of building your website over 12/24/ or 36 months, but we also include regular updates to keep your website updated. Keeping your website current really helps how Google and other search engines see your website.

With one of our Website +  Hosting Packages you receive:

  • WordPress Website
  • Weekly or Monthly updates (depending on selected package)
  • Access to reduced rates and savings off up to 60% through our partners and freelancers.
  • Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk space
  • Unlimited Emails
  • 24/7 Support

How many hours do i get included with my plan?

Depending on your plan you will receive either weekly or monthly updates included with your plan. We consider these as guidelines, and are quite flexible. For example you might decide to update you website for spring and use 3 months worth allocated hours for a single use. After all you always have access to our team @ rates of up to 60% OFF. You can view our guidelines & reduced rateshere as part of our rates page

What happens if I have already used my allocated hours and i need my website updated urgently.

We got you! We operated on a trust model. Well get the work done within realistic outlined expectations of time frames. Well send you an invoice showing the work and the hours with our reduced rates. You can choose to either pay the invoice in full or have hours worked automatically reduced from upcoming time allocations. NOTE: We do offer Heavily Reduced rates for our customers along with a 10% discount for accounts to be paid within 21 days, and we don’t recommend leaving your website without updates for longer than 4 weeks.

What are your milestones and Processes

Communication is key in any relationship. We understand the importance of clear and open channels of communication with our clients during all our projects. We don’t work normal hours and we are always available to answer questions or help you solve any issues with your website. We outline our key milestones and what you can expect on our Website + Hosting page just under the comparison table.  However a brief outline: 1: Domain Registration; within 2 days – including landing/coming soon page and initial emails set up. 2: Creative Process; within 1 week – Full Artist Draft approved. 3: Development; within 3 weeks – website ready for testing. 4: Testing & Release; within 4 weeks – website ready for launch!

Who controls the website you create for me?

Hostbuster operates on a trusts model. Once your website is complete we start sending you regular and weekly/monthly (plan dependent) backups of your website. These backups contain your entire website. Posts, pages, images, databases, everything you need in order to simply re-install a copy of your website anywhere you want (although this is not recommended for search engine reasons :P) We also set up up from day one with Administrator access to the account so you are always in full control of your website.

Can I upgrade my website to an eCommerce website later on?

YES! of course we would love to help you entire the eCommerce market with your website and brand. However we do ask if this is something your interested in even at a later date, please let us know in the early development stages. As there are certain ways in which we might set up the website from the start to easily transition to that at a later stage.


Do you have contracts?

Our naked hosting plans do not lock you into into contracts. We hope our quality of service is what convinces you to remain and continue using Hostbusters.

What do I get with Naked Hosting

With naked hosting we try and make it simple we just supply hosting space for your domain hosted website. You receive weekly backups included but ultimately the development, control and maintenance of your website is in your hands.

However you do receive access to our own support staff, graphic designer @ garmedia and Marketing Support at special rates of up to 60% OFF included for ALL our customers.

Can you help me Migrate or Transfer my website to Hostbusters?

YES! we can help you transfer your website to our NZ Based Web Hosting. Just select “I need help transferring” option during sign up process. Alternatively you can contact us via our Discord to get support in migration and backups.

Can you help me build my website if i only paid for a Naked Plan

YES! we are happy to help, and we offer all our customers access to our heavily reduced rates through us and our partners. We are happy to offer one on one tutoring support as well if you want to learn how to build YOUR OWN WEBSITE. We can do this through Zoom or Teamviewer and really guide you through your own development and creation process. visit our rates page for more information on our FULL RANGE of services


How is my payment processed

We accept PayPal and Direct bank transfer for our services currently. You can pay via your credit card via your PayPal account. Your account will be invoiced monthly and automatically deducted from your chosen preferred method of payment. We do not charge any hidden fees or admin charges. We will only accept New Zealand dollars and will not incur currency transfer costs.

How do I cancel my account

You can cancel your account at any time. We kindly ask for a min of 60 days, however this is not required. You can end your account at any time just send us notice of your cancellation and well stop future payments. please note we often require a min of 5 business days for some banking applications.

How quickly can we get online!

We are ready to get start. For Naked Hosting we can activate your account within 24 hours. For our Website + Hosting Packages we always aim to begin new project within 1 week of a client signing up with us. However we are only human and can only service a certain number of clients concurrently before balls start getting dropped. But don’t worry – if our sign up button is available and not greyed out we have spaces available right now!

Need more answers?

Didn’t get the help you needed from our FAQ page? Visit our support page for more ways to contact us and get the support you might need across multiple channels.